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Why did you want to be a trainer?

My desire to be a trainer has been progressive. I did not know that I really wanted to be a trainer when I began. I knew that I had a passion for fitness and dance, and that it made me happy- physically and emotionally. I had been working in mental health (I have a BA in Psychology) and the job made me miserable. I decided to pursue something that made me happy and took a chance. The job immediately felt natural and not only helped make me happy but others that worked with me felt happy too. That was seven years ago, and I have not looked back since. I feel that I can use my Psychology degree more during private training sessions than I ever did working directly in the field. There is nothing more I enjoy than helping a client do something they thought they could not.

What kind of certification do you have and from where?

I have had a few different certifications, and currently have Personal Training and Group Fitness certification through International Fitness Association (IFA). I like this certification because I could go through the material, which covered everything from nutrition, to aerobics, to training, to working with special populations, at my own pace. I learned more information in a way that was not overwhelming or confusing.

What do you like most about being a trainer?

I like helping people believe in themselves.

What is the hardest part of being a trainer?

The hardest part about being a trainer is remembering that I have needs too and to make time for my needs.

Do you specialize in a particular field of training?

My particular field of training is functional fitness. I stress correct form during sessions with the hope that correct form will carry over into everyday activities.

At what age do you feel personal training is beneficial?

I believe personal training is beneficial at any age. My clients have ranged from 10 year old children to 95 year old adults who use a walker. I have yet to work with a client that has not benefited in some way from training.

What is you view of supplements?

With the exception of protein shakes, I personally have not used supplements. I believe that you can achieve health through a moderate and balanced diet. I know there are some great supplements available, but I would direct my client to someone more knowledgeable to help guide them in making the best choices based on their personal goals.

What can I expect from my first visit with you?

We will talk about you and your history. We will discuss any goals you have and also any concerns. And we will work out a little. This allows me to get a feel for exercises that will be appropriate for your body and you psyche. I will also check your form on basic exercises so that I can train you safely and effectively. You can also expect a phone call or text message from me in the days following to see how you are feeling after you first workout with me! Dance and fitness in savannah