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Why did you want to be a nutritionist?
I became a certified nutritionist to take my passion for fitness and health to the next level. I have always been able to help guide my peers and close friends in the gym, giving them tips on how to be successful not only in the gym, but also in their nutrition. The challenge that almost everyone faces is being disciplined enough to make health conscious decisions outside of the gym.

What kind of certification do you have and from where?
My certification is through Precision Nutrition. I learned about this successful program while completing my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Louisville! I love it and the coaches are awesome!

What do you like most about being a nutritionist?
FOOD! I love to educate people on how to fuel their bodies properly. You absolutely CAN have fun with food, enjoy it, and be healthy at the same time!

What is the hardest part of being a nutritionist?
The hardest part for me is hearing people talk about false health fads. Fats and carbs are good for your body! Do not believe everything you read online or hear. Do some research or consult a nutritionist (🙋) to verify that it’s not the newest weight loss scam.

At what age do you feel a nutritionist is beneficial?
I feel that a nutritionist can be beneficial at any age! Nutrition is everything. You can spend endless hours at the gym and train all you want, but you cannot out work a poor diet.

What is your view of supplements?
I feel that supplements are intended to supplement your diet, not replace it. They should be taken to enhance a well-established diet. There are many individuals out there that do not produce adequate amounts of vitamins or minerals, therefor they are needed.

What can I expect from my first visit with you?
During your first visit, you and I will do basic assessment and do an initial weigh in. For your assessment, I will ask about your current daily lifestyle and the things you currently eat. You can also expect that I will ask you for your goals and the areas in which you struggle the most with nutrition. From here we will get you set up on a personalized plan to help reach your goals!

Is there anything else I should know about you?

Besides my passion to help others better their nutrition, I’m very passionate about animals. I absolutely love my dog and all three of my cats! Another fun fact is that my husband and I moved to Savannah from Kentucky! We love Savannah!